Concert Band

LHS Concert Band Calendar 2018


Concert Band

Concert Band is a band class for 9th grade students at Lawrence High School. Concert Band has concerts throughout the school year .  The Concert Band curriculum is based on standard and contemporary band literature.   Music fundamentals: rhythm, tone production, intonation, scales, and critical listening skills are emphasized daily.


Grading Policy


Grades are based on daily participation, performance participation, and playing tests.


Make-up Points


Daily Participation and playing tests need to be made up before the end of the nine weeks.  Concert participation is a very important part of the class and excused absences need to be made up 2 weeks after the performance.  Communicate with the director for a specific make up assignment.  Be prepared to play your music for the teacher, write a paper, or make-up the time for the concert.

Concert Dress

Concert Dress is concert black.  For the gentlemen a long sleeve black button down shirt, black pants, black belt, black shoes, and black socks.  For ladies it can be long pants, long skirt or dress. Long sleeve black blouse or long sleeve black shirt, and black closed toe shoes.  This is required for all concerts.

Pep Band

Concert Band members will be required to play in the stands for 2 home football games and 5 home basketball games.  This year there will be opportunities to go to more.  These extra games will be worth more lettering points.

Band T-Shirt

Concert Band will have a band T-shirt that we will wear for performing at our home football games and basketball games. The cost will be $12 for this shirt and will be collected at the beginning of school.

Jazz Band

LHS Band members in grades 9-12 may audition for and participate in jazz band.  Instrumentation is standard “big band,” containing saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and a rhythm section (piano, guitar, bass, drums).  Auditions typically occur after marching season (late Oct/early Nov); audition materials will be made available in the fall.  Jazz Band is an outside of the school day ensemble which rehearses one evening per week.

John Philip Sousa Band - Offical Site

John Philip Sousa Band is a select ensemble that is made up of the top 6th through 9th grade band students in the state of Kansas.  To be selected for this group a student must prepare the JP Sousa Honor Band audition music and make a recording of that material.  This is one of the highest honors that an individual band student can have in the 9th grade.

Units/Chair Placement/Challenges

Students will be required to play off Units for a portion of their grade in band.  Additionally there will be opportunity for chair placement auditions and challenges under the discretion of the directors.  Music for these in class auditions will be taken from the Units and/or music we are working on for performance.  Students will be allowed to challenge for chairs, but the window of opportunity will not be long after a chair placement exam, and will be held again at the discretion of the directors.

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