Marching Lions


Marching Lions

Marching Band is an important component of the LHS band curriculum.  This competitive musical activity takes place during the first nine weeks of the fall semester.  10 – 12th grade members must enroll in fall semester 7th hour Symphonic Band.  The group is made up of Dance Team, Percussion (Field and Front Ensemble), Brass, and Woodwinds.  This highly visible ensemble performs for at least three marching competitions, home football games, parades and various pep rallies.

Band Camp 

There is a two-week camp that is required for all members of the Marching Lions.  During this time we will review music and marching fundamentals.  We will also learn the drill to as much of the show as possible.

Pre-Game and Show Music

 All pre-game and marching show music must be memorized by the end of band camp. There will be sectionals everyday of camp and section leaders are responsible to help members play-off their music.  If it takes longer than band camp, the section leaders will work with students until the music is learned.  Students who don’t pass-off their music after 3 tries for their section leader, will need to play for a member of the band staff until it the music is perfected.

Marching Fundamentals

All members of the marching unit will need to pass-off a checklist of marching fundamentals with their section leader.  It is highly encouraged that this is done during the summer before camp starts.  Section leaders will make arrangements with students to teach the checklist.  If schedules don’t allow getting together over the summer, they will make arrangements during camp.

Hydration and Summer Heat

Band Camp is an activity that is outside during the summer heat.  We stay indoors during the hottest part of the day, but we will be outside working when it is hot.  About one week before camp, phase out pop and drink lots of water.  Good hydration happens before, during and after the activity.  Drinking water only at camp may not be enough.  Hydrate the day before.  Water, ice, and a mist machine will be available, but it is very important that students bring water with them at all times during camp.  Water breaks are given often and hydration is the key to beating the heat.  Wear loose light colored clothes.  (The all black look is not a wise idea!!).  Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are highly encouraged.


During practice closed toe athletic shoe is required.  It is impossible to march correctly in anything else.  Keep a pair of  marching shoes to change into during marching season.  We have old marching shoes that will be used if students are not wearing proper shoes.

Schedule Conflicts and Family Vacations

We always will work around sports and family vacations.  Work is never considered a valid excuse to miss any band activities.  Individual scheduling conflicts are resolved on a case-by-case basis with the band staff and student leaders.   Please keep in contact with the band staff and student leaders when rehearsals must be missed.  During school rehearsals and performances count for points towards a final grade.  All excused absences can be made up if they are in writing (e-mail or a parent note).  Communication is the key!

Parent Concert

At the end of camp, there will be a public performance at 7:00 PM at the LHS Band Practice Field.

Pictures/ Band Lock-In

After the performance, students will have an opportunity to take individual or small group photos in their band uniform.  And we will take our full group photo as well.  After pictures there will be a Lock-In.  Swimming/Basketball, Team Building Games, Movies. Band Parent Breakfast will be served at 5:30 AM.

Summer Dates (Subject To Change)

Tuesdays in June from 6:30 – 8:30 PM.  All June rehearsals will be optional. Each attended rehearsal will be worth a lettering point.


Band rehearses during 7th hour band during the week.   If you need to miss a rehearsal, communication with band staff and student leaders is a must!

Tuesday Evening Band Practice

The full band will practice from 6:30 – 8:30 PM on every Tuesday evening during marching season.

Drumline Rehearsals

Drumline will have an extra rehearsal during the week.  This is determined by their instructor, but will usually on Wednesday’s from 6:30 – 8:30 PM


The LHS Band uniform is Black Marching Shoes, Black Socks, Band Shirt, uniform pants, coat, and hat and plume.  The hat is checked out before the first football game and is stored at home.  It is checked in after the last ballgame/competition.  The uniform never goes home unless arrangements have been made with the band staff , field conductors, and section leaders.  Field conductors keep track of all aspects of the band uniform.  Section leaders are responsible for distributing the uniform at call time of the band event, then collecting and properly hanging the uniform up after the performance.

Do not eat in full uniform!!  Water only!

Remember that you represent Lawrence High School Band.  Wear the uniform with honor, respect, and PRIDE!

Home Football Games

Home football games are played at Lawrence High School.  Students are to meet at Lawrence High School at call time 5:45 PM.  Section leaders will distribute uniforms at this time.  All members must where black shoes, black socks, and the current years band shirt.   The band will march around the track at 6:35 PM and performs Pre-Game around 6:45 PM.  Students play stands tunes through the entire game.  During half-time we will perform our show.  Depending on the length of the game we will be back to the band room at 9:30 PM.


There will be at least 3 competitions during the marching season.  They are held on Saturdays and will last all day.  Details about the day will be given as soon as the festival site has decided the schedule.


We participate in the LHS Homecoming Parade, and the KU Band Day Parade.  Details will about the day will be given as soon as the parade committees release the schedules of events.

Post-Season Football Games

The Marching Lions will support our school during the post season.  Play-off games start in November.  We will march our show as long as we are at home, and if we are away we will send a volunteer pep band that will be worth extra lettering points.  If the football team makes it to the State game we will march our some of our show.

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