Enrollment Day Cancelled!

With some new practices for the district, we will need to cancel the enrollment day on Tuesday.  We will figure out how we collect fees for band and get back with you soon.  Please pass this info along.   – MJ

We have less than one week until camp.  Please be advised that there will be an official announcement about start times on Monday (July 30) by Noon on this site.  - MJ

1 – With the summer heat we might have to go to a heat schedule.  This would mean the morning session would have a 7:15 AM start and end at 10:45 AM.    The afternoon session would start at 1:00 PM and get over at 3:30 PM like normal (Percussion till 5:00 PM).  Depending on the weather these times could change (earlier). An official announcement about this will come on Monday at noon!

2 – Fine Arts enrollment July 31 (Noon – 4 PM).  Come to LHS and pay your band fees as well as school fees.  This is a great time to take care of band fees before camp starts the next day.

3 – Camp starts for everyone on Aug 1.  Please communicate with the staff and a section leader or drum major if you are going to be gone for camp!

4 – Hydrate before, during, and after.  No substitute for water the night before, during, and after being outside.  Pop is not the greatest when you are working in the heat.

Check out the calendar for the upcoming dates.

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